Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

How A Deep Tissue Massage Can Help Your Muscles Recover After Exercise

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Most fitness buffs know that a massage after working out can get you back on your feet faster, but this therapy provides much more than just an hour of relaxation. In order to really appreciate the benefits of a deep tissue massage, you must first understand the scientific processes at work behind your speedy recovery. These are four ways that a deep tissue massage stimulates your muscles, minimizes the damage of exercise and promotes a quicker healing process. 

Increasing Nutrient and Oxygen Absorption

Tense, tired muscles block your circulation, denying your muscles the oxygen and nutrients they need and slowing down your recovery. A deep tissue masseuse uses long, sweeping strokes to drive blood to your muscles. The vital oxygen and nutrients give your muscles an immediate boost by reducing soreness and carrying cellular waste away to be disposed of. In the days following your massage, your unclogged circulation system can begin to rebuild your muscle tissue more efficiently, meaning you may see greater muscle growth in exchange for less effort. 

Eliminating Scar Tissue

Scar tissue develops wherever muscles do not heal properly, and it can eventually impair your range of motion and muscular growth. Although scar tissue may be permanent if left untreated, deep tissue massage therapy can work to break up that tissue and encourage correct healing. Getting a massage after working out can not only prevent the development of new scar tissue, but it can simultaneously destroy scar tissue that is already present. 

Reducing Inflammation

A study conducted by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging examined the impact of massage therapy on athletes. The study discovered that subjects who received massages suffered from less inflammation than those that did not, because their muscles produced less inflammatory proteins. This translates to muscles that are less sore and swollen, allowing you to get back to your fitness regimen with less down time. If, on the other hand, you struggle to exercise regularly because you dread the soreness afterward, a weekly massage appointment could be all you need to establish better habits comfortably. 

Improving Cellular Energy Production

The Buck Institute for Research on Aging study also found that athletes who were given massages after exercising had higher mitochondrial levels in their muscle cells than those who were not massaged. Mitochondria are responsible for creating the energy that muscles use to grow, repair themselves and function. This is demonstrable evidence that massage therapy is more than just a way to relieve pain; it is also an invaluable tool to help you safely reach your fitness goals in a shorter time frame. To find more information, speak with a business like Changes of Cherry Creek/ Denver's Day Spa.


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Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

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