Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

What Implant Materials Can Be Used For Hip Replacement?

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Hip replacement surgery is done if you have severe arthritis of your hip joint. When you get an implant, the surgeon will place an artificial joint in the hip joint's place. There are different materials used for the replacement joint, including metal, plastic, and ceramic. There are pros and cons of each of these materials.


One of the more popular types of artificial joints for hip replacement is one made entirely of metal, also called metal-on-metal. Many surgeons recommend these because since both the ball and socket piece is made of metal, it has the potential to last longer than plastic or ceramic components. It can also increase the overall stability of the joint, making it last longer and allowing the patient to feel more confident using the joint. There is also less of a risk of debris wearing off of the replacement joint, which might happen with other materials.


You can also get an artificial joint that is made entirely of ceramic, called a ceramic-on-ceramic hip replacement joint. Ceramic is another excellent material to use, since it doesn't easy wear out, is not toxic, and is also very durable. It is also hard, which makes it similar to a natural hip joint. Since this is a newer type of artificial joint, not all surgeons will recommend it, though you can make a special request in many cases. While there are many benefits, the downside is that it might cause a little more noise than other materials. However, this does not happen with all patients.


Plastic is sometimes used for a total hip replacement procedure. While there are not artificial joints made entirely of plastic, you may have a ceramic-on-plastic joint or a metal-on-plastic joint. The ceramic and plastic artificial joint is a durable option, but also one that is slightly less expensive if your insurance is not covering the costs completely. Plastic is more flexible, making it more comfortable than just a ceramic joint. The ceramic components make it durable and hard. Metal and plastic joints are actually among the most commonly used ones by orthopedic surgeons. These joints have a spacer made of plastic that sits between a socket and ball joint made of metal.

Speak to your orthopedic surgeon about the materials they prefer working with so you can decide which one of these will work best for you. It may also come down to what your health insurance covers. To learn more, speak with a business like Surgery Center of Kenai.


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