Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

3 Tips For Recovering From A Mole Removal

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People get moles removed for a variety of reasons. It may be because they find the mole to be unsightly, or it may also be because the mole has been deemed as potentially cancerous or otherwise dangerous to them. Regardless of the reason for removing the mole, it is very important that the area where the mole was removed is well taken care of after the procedure. This article will discuss 3 tips for recovering from a mole removal (check out the site here for further assistance).  

Clean The Wound 

When it comes to cleaning the area where your mole was removed, it is advised that your use either hydrogen peroxide, soap, or a combination of the two. These help to keep the wounded area completely clean, allowing it to heal properly. Be sure that you dry the wound completely after cleaning it, to ensure that the moisture doesn't negatively effect the healing process. Once it is dry, you are then going to want to put a generous amount of petroleum jelly onto it. You will want to clean and doctor the wound 2 times daily, likely in the morning and in the evenings, and you will continue to do this until the area where the mole was removed is completely healed.  

Keep The Wound Covered 

Some may think that the wound needs to be exposed to the air in order to dry out and heal, but this isn't the case with mole removal. What you want to do is instead keep the wounded area covered with a bandage at all times. You will obviously want to remove the bandage to clean and doctor the wound, but other than that, keep it covered. This will stop germs and bacteria from getting into your wound, allowing it to heal quickly and completely.

Take Over-The-Counter Pain Reducers 

While mole removal definitely isn't the most comfortable thing, the pain afterwards is going to be fairly mild for most people. Because of this, pain killers are generally not prescribed by your doctor, but keep in mind that you can still take over-the-counter pain reducers if you are feeling any type of discomfort from your mole removal. These are strong enough to reduce the pain and make it manageable. However, if you are experiencing an abnormally high level of pain or discomfort from wound where your mole was removed, you should go see your doctor right away because this could be a sign of infection or something else going wrong. 


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