Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

3 Things To Know About Invisible Braces

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Being able to have perfect teeth is entirely possible even though you may not have been born with teeth that are straight. The modern dental advances offer a wide variety of methods that can straighten crooked teeth. One of the most frequently used dental techniques to get a perfect smile is with invisible braces. You may prefer these over other types because it's difficult to see these on the teeth. It's ideal to know some specific details about Invisalign if you're considering this process.

The process

 You will need to visit your dentist and have these specially created to fit to your teeth. The aligners are made from a plastic material which makes it nearly impossible for others to see you're wearing these.

The aligners have a tight fit and can be removed for certain situations. For instance, when you're eating, flossing or brushing your teeth, you should remove these. Doing so can allow you to chew easier and also allow you to practice better hygiene to avoid getting decay while using Invisalign.

The time

Treatment time will largely depend on the condition and shape of your teeth. If your teeth are extremely crooked, you may need to wear the aligners for a longer period.

Studies indicate that the average amount of time Invisalign is worn is between 18 - 30 months. The more your bite is off, the longer you will need to wear the aligners so be sure to keep this in mind.

The cost

Knowing the amount of money you can expect to pay for this treatment can be helpful. Studies indicate the average cost for Invisalign is $5000. 

Listed below are typically the things you will receive for these expenses:

1. Any x-rays that must be taken by your orthodontist.

2. Necessary pictures and impressions that have to be made of your teeth.

3. Custom made trays that fit directly to the teeth, and there will be many of these. It's common for the aligners to be replaced every six weeks.

4. Routine visits to your orthodontist to monitor your progress are typically included in the package price quoted by your orthodontist. 

There are many benefits of using Invisalign to help you have the perfect smile. This process will take some time and effort to achieve, but is typically worth it. Be sure to schedule an appointment with a dentist like Gregory W. Jackson DDS LTD to learn more details about Invisalign. 


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