Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Considering A More Natural Regime For The Treatment Of Lung Cancer

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So far in 2016 alone, there have been about 224,390 new cases of lung cancer in the U.S. making a total of approximately 402,326 persons who have been diagnosed with it at some point in their lives. Research and new developments in treating this disease continue, including a shift away from chemotherapy to molecular therapy. However, there are also other lung cancer treatment options that rely on the use of herbs and natural foods that can be considered in the fight against this deadly disease. 

So, if you have been diagnosed or you are helping a loved one through such a diagnosis, here are some natural regimes to add to your arsenal for fighting this disease.

Learn from the Chinese

While doctors may be reluctant in recommending herbs since they may not be FDA approved, this does not reduce the fact that they may be quite helpful in both direct cancer treatment as well as in helping with the effects of traditional treatments such as chemotherapy. In fact, there are approximately 133 Chinese herbs such as the astragalus root, the American silver-top and the snake-needle grass which have been found to be quite helpful in treating lung cancer. 

Many of these are used in Chinese medicine as injectables and have been found to kill cancer cells, inhibit tumor growth, slow down the spread of the tumor and increase immunity in patients. They may also help in the reduction of the production of phlegm and coughing, conditions that affect lung cancer sufferers. You could discuss the options of utilizing one or a combination of these herbs, in your treatment options, with your oncologist or you may choose to seek out a traditional Chinese medical practitioner.

Monitor what goes in

While new development and treatments are always welcomed, you should not discount the importance of old-school methods such as a proper diet. This may seem like a simplistic suggestion; however, the average American is reported to eat about 24 lbs of artificial sweeteners and over 600 lbs of dairy each year. This does not make for the best cancer-fighting diet as sweeteners and additives are suspected of aiding cancer development in the first place.

For lung cancer, you should try to have a balanced diet rich in nuts and grains as well as fruits and vegetables. You should especially try to include such food items as tomatoes and spices such as black pepper. A daily dose of 25 to 40 mgs of tomatoes is suggested to have a huge influence on positive cancer treatment. Including supplements such as spirulina, which have been found to improve respiratory functions, may also be beneficial. 


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