Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

4 Tips For Adjusting To Hearing Aids

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For some people, it can take weeks to adjust to wearing hearing aids. If you have suffered from a hearing impairment for a considerable period of time, getting used to hearing clearly again can take some time. Here are some tips to help you during your adjustment period.

Wear the Hearing Aids Daily

Some first-time users of hearing aids shy away from wearing them daily. After experiencing hearing problems, the sounds picked up by the hearing aids can be new and strange. The sounds can even be tinny or sharp. As a result, some new wearers opt to take them out. 

However, the strangeness of wearing the hearing aids will wear off over time. The more you wear them, the faster you will become accustomed to them. Try sticking to quiet environments, such as your home, for the first few days. Gradually progress to being in louder environments according to your levels of comfort.

Concentrate on Sounds

When you first wear the hearing aids, you might notice they pick up a wide range of sounds. This can be overwhelming and make it difficult for you to connect with others. As you wear the hearing aids, your ears will become accustomed to the various noises and automatically filter out background noises. 

Until this happens, focus on the sound you want to hear. For instance, if you are having a conversation with a co-worker, try to focus all of your attention on what he or she is saying. 

Keep the Hearing Aids Clean

Your hearing aids are sensitive to moisture and wax. If they are exposed to either factor, the sound can be greatly affected. For instance, a buildup of wax in the ear tubes can lead to a whistling sound. 

To avoid this problem, keep your hearing aids clean and dry. Use a wax removal kit to clean the tubes. When the tubes are worn, change them. You also should invest in a hearing aid dryer to get rid of moisture. 

Get Adjustments When Needed

After a few weeks of wearing the hearing aids, it is possible that you might still hear a tinny sound. If you have been consistently wearing the hearing aids, contact your audiologist. It is possible that the hearing aids need to be adjusted. 

In addition to adjusting the hearing aids, the audiologist can help you pinpoint any other problems you are having and offer suggestions for overcoming those. 


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