Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

3 Things You Should Know About Egg Donation

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Donating eggs can be a beautiful and selfless thing. There are many couples who long to be pregnant, but because of circumstances beyond their control prevent them from having a traditional pregnancy. In these rare circumstances they need to have an egg donated from a donor. In some cases the woman can actually carry the baby full term, they just can't use one of their eggs. Other women are unable to carry the baby so they will use an egg donor and a surrogate carrier to carry the baby full term. Here are some things you should know about egg donors.

1. There Are Some Genes That Are In High Demand

Although it might sound strange, there are certain characteristics that are in high demand for egg donors. Many people want to get a child that looks similar to them. If the parents are light complexion, then they would prefer to have a egg donor who looks similar to the mother. Simple rules of genetics state that if a person has dark hair, eyes or skin, it will be the more dominate gene, and so that gene will most likely present itself. That doesn't mean that there is no need for egg donors who are brunettes, or who have dark skin or differently ethnicity. Quite the contrary, there is a need for ALL different looks and ethnicities. It is just important to realize that at some egg donation centers they may have a need for certain people to donate.

2. You Will Take Hormones

Second, it is important to realize that there are certain hormones that you will need to take before you donate. These injections will help to encourage more egg development over the month. Instead of ovulating one or two eggs, you will express 20-40 eggs. This way when you have the surgery, you won't just be retrieving one egg for donation, you will be donating several. This is what is necessary to make sure that the surgery is worth it.

3. You Will Be Sore After The Surgery

The surgery is very simple, but there still will be some recovery. The recovery will cause you to feel pain when you use the bathroom, bloat and perhaps even have a heavy period afterwards. This is because of all of the hormones. But, with time, the bloating and pain will go away and you will get back to normal.

As you can see donating eggs is a great thing, and can be a great thing for both the donor and the recipient. Contact a provider, such as at the Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine, for more information.


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