Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Why You Should Always Get Your Bloating Checked Out ASAP

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Bloating is a polite way of referring to an unusual amount of natural gas that your body produces inside of your stomach or your digestive system. While most people will let this gas out throughout the day (consciously or unconsciously), sometimes, when there is too much, it can cause logjams internally and cause you quite a lot of discomfort. Bloating is a serious issue and one that you should always see a professional for, if possible. Bloating can also be the sign of other, more serious medical conditions, which is why it is important you always get a diagnosis from a professional stomach doctor ASAP.

The First Sign Of IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome (commonly referred to as IBS) often displays itself first in bloating. It is always a good idea to begin taking proactive steps to avoid bloating and other symptoms. IBS can become very uncomfortable if you aren't taking these precautionary measures, as can your bloating itself. Most of these changes are very easy to implement and involve avoiding certain foods and drinks, and perhaps a few exercises and routines you should follow, to avoid the gas build-up that causes you discomfort.


Constipation is another issue that affects millions of people worldwide and one that is often preceded by bloating. Feeling clogged up can have a drastic impact on your mood, not to mention how painful it can in the bathroom. Dealing with the problem before it gets serious is part of why a stomach doctor is so helpful, and they can prescribe the proper medication that can keep your digestive system working as it should. If you notice that whenever you get bloating, you also then feel constipated, then see your healthcare professional. 

Internal Cysts 

Once you can relieve yourself after your bloating has acted up, it is always a good idea to check the result for any flecks of blood. If you do notice bleeding or any out-of-the-ordinary discoloration, then you may have some issues internally that you need more serious help for. Bloating can be the sign of your body trying to combat these issues, whatever they are, from cysts to issues of the gallbladder and even, in rare cases, cancer. When it comes to medical advice, it is always best to be safe, rather than sorry, which is why the advice for any medical condition is to always get it seen by a professional. 


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