Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Services a Midwife Generally Offers During Pregnancy

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Midwives are well known for their role during birth. They help guide the woman through the process of labor and birth, sometimes alone and other times in collaboration with an OBGYN. What patients do not always realize, though, is that midwives do a lot more than just help with labor and delivery. They also offer a wide array of services and support throughout a woman's pregnancy.

Ultrasound Services

Some midwives conduct ultrasounds themselves, and others work hand-in-hand with ultrasound practitioners. This will allow you to visualize your baby throughout the pregnancy, and it will also allow your midwife to keep an eye on your baby's physical development. If the ultrasound reveals that anything abnormal may be going on with you or your baby, your midwife can refer you to a specialist doctor who can help.

Lifestyle Counseling

People who have not been pregnant often underestimate how big of a lifestyle change it is. Suddenly, everything you do affects not only your body but your baby's body. At the same time, you may struggle to sleep, choose healthy foods, and maintain a low-stress lifestyle. A midwife can talk with you about the lifestyle struggles you're experiencing as a mom-to-be. They can give you recommendations as far as diet, sleep, and stress-reduction go in a friendly, approachable, and understanding way.

Partner Coaching

If the baby's other parent is in your life and will be involved in the birth, then they need to know what to expect while you're pregnant and when you go into labor. They need to know how they can best help and support you at this time. A midwife can help with this. Many offer what's known as partner coaching. They can meet with your partner, either alone or in your company, and talk with them about their role and expectations. Partners usually enjoy having someone knowledgeable to talk to, and you'll appreciate the better support your partner can offer.

Birth Planning

Most mothers-to-be benefit from writing what is known as a birth plan. This plan specifies what you do and do not want to happen once you go into labor. It may tell the doctors or your midwife what medications you're okay with, and which you want to avoid. It will specify which vaccines and tests your baby is to have once they are born. These are hard decisions to make, and a midwife can help you make them, offering knowledge and guidance without telling you what to do.

Midwives can do more than just guide you through birth. They are also a really valuable resource to have during pregnancy.


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Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

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