Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

4 Benefits Of Vaccine Verification Kiosks

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COVID-19 changed the face of the public health landscape in many ways. Vaccination is an important tool that can help people prevent serious illnesses. Cautious business owners can ensure that everyone who enters their facility is vaccinated using a vaccine verification kiosk for automatic validation. Vaccine verification kiosks offer many benefits for business owners as well as visitors.

Here are some benefits of implementing a vaccine verification kiosk in your facility.

1. Put visitors at ease concerning their privacy

Many people have concerns about their privacy, especially when it comes to their medical records. Businesses are allowed to ask for proof of vaccination, but some visitors may feel uncomfortable furnishing their vaccination records to unknown individuals. Vaccine verification kiosks can give people an increased sense of privacy. Since the system is automated, people can avoid feeling directly with another person. This can put many people at ease and help them feel more comfortable with the verification process.

2. Allow visitors to check in using their smartphones

Carrying around a paper record of vaccinations can be cumbersome and impractical. Not to mention, many people have understandable worries about accidentally losing these important documents. Fortunately, vaccine verification kiosks allow people to easily check in using their smartphones. Guests can perform a one-time registration to input their vaccine cards into an online system. Then, they can use a QR code on their phone to quickly and easily check in to any facility that utilizes a vaccine verification kiosk. This can make the verification process quick and seamless, preventing frustration on the part of your guests and reducing long entrance lines.

3. Screen visitors for COVID-19 symptoms

Vaccine verification kiosks can also be used to quickly and easily screen visitors for COVID-19 symptoms. Sore throats, fevers, and coughs are three of the most common symptoms of early COVID infections. By asking visitors questions about possible symptoms in a short questionnaire format, you can screen guests for possible COVID infections.

4. Measure temperatures

Many vaccine verification kiosks are also equipped to check guests' temperatures. Since many people don't take their temperatures before leaving the house, this can add an additional layer of security for business owners. Temperatures are scanned using infrared technology that requires no contact on the part of guests or staff members. A combination of temperature checks, symptom screening, and vaccine verification can help you keep your facility as safe and healthy as possible.


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