Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

In-Home Care Can Help You Recover At Home After Surgery

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If you need to recover at home after a major surgery like a hip replacement, in-home care could be essential. If you don't have someone to help you at home, your doctor may prefer you recover in a rehab facility instead.

In-home care can take on many forms, but the simplest is to have someone oversee your safety and help with your basic needs, such as grooming, preparing meals, and transferring you to a chair. Here's why having help after surgery is so important.

You Get Help With Mobility

Staying in bed and being sedentary isn't usually a good idea after surgery unless that's what your doctor orders. You may not feel like doing much, so if you don't have someone to help you and remind you, you may stay in bed and be inactive. A home aide can make sure you get out of bed and sit in a chair, take steps around your home, and build on the number of steps you take daily. This could help with your recovery so you heal properly and avoid complications that come from being too sedentary.

Your Medications Are Supervised

The first several days after surgery is when you'll need help the most. You may feel a little groggy and disoriented, especially if you're taking pain medications. An aide helps you remember to take medications on time so you don't forget them or take them too often. This helps you stay comfortable when you're in pain and it also prevents having undesired side effects from not dosing your medication properly.

Your Meals May Be Prepared For You

If you're not able to prepare meals yourself or you just don't want to, in-home helpers can prepare meals and encourage you to eat. You may have a poor appetite after surgery, so you may be tempted to skip meals. An aide helps you follow the diet recommended by your doctor so you get the nutrition you need to repair your body after surgery. An aide can also watch for poor nutrition and let someone know if you're not taking enough food or fluids so your doctor can be notified.

You'll Have A Companion

You might be used to living alone when you're healthy, but it's still nice to have someone in your home with you when you feel bad or you're recovering from surgery. Getting help with simple things can make your life a lot easier and getting help with your medical care could help you recover quicker. You'll be safer with an aide in your home with you too. In-home care involves many aspects of care, so you'll receive the help you need for as long as you need it.


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Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

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