Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Why At-Home Addiction Treatment Is Right For Those With A High-Conflict Personality Disorder

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Addiction is often a troubling problem that is highly related to various emotional troubles. For instance, a high-conflict personality often triggers and fuels addiction and makes recovery in a treatment center very difficult. For those trying to get treatment for this disease, it is important to consider at-home addiction care to manage this problem and keep themselves happy and healthy, and free from the dangers of addiction in their life.

High-Conflict Personalities May Make Rehab Difficult

People with high-conflict personalities may not realize just how much this personality type creates problems in their life. Individuals with one of these personality types often have difficult trauma that triggers behaviors such as antisocial actions, borderline or narcissistic behaviors, or dramatic and inappropriate actions. Issues like these often trigger and worsen addiction behaviors in many individuals going through a rehab recovery.

Unfortunately, those with this type of personality may find it hard to fit into a treatment center atmosphere because they'll be surrounded by others who may also have emotional struggles. And they may conflict with these people in a way that makes it very difficult for them to recover both from addiction and their high-conflict personality disorder. Thankfully, at-home addiction treatment may help.

Ways That At-Home Addiction Treatment May Help

At-home addiction treatment is a great option for those with a high-conflict personality disorder because it can allow them to get individualized treatment without worrying about other people. Though the treatment professionals will need to come to their home, these professionals are trained to handle this type of conflict and can provide withdrawal and counseling help to make recovery easier.

Just as importantly, this type of addiction care can provide emotional recovery for those with a high-conflict personality disorder. Often, this process requires examining the trauma that may have triggered this issue and tracing it to its roots. Then, the counselors can teach coping mechanisms that make it easier for a person to avoid suffering unnecessarily from this type of emotional trouble.

This care option is one that requires a lot of commitment and dedication to recovery that may be hard for some people to properly execute. Typically, it will require a large number of high-quality therapists who can provide the kind of dedicated care at a home that a person needs while respecting their privacy and taking the time to avoid creating conflicts with them and others in their home.

For more information about at-home addiction recovery, contact a local company that offers these services, like The Resurface Group.


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