Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

  • 3 Tips To Ease The Transition From Hospital To Home

    When in the midst of an extended hospital stay for a serious injury, few people take the time to think about how their life will look once they are discharged from the hospital. Making the transition from the hospital (where you have access to help at all times) to your home can be challenging. Here are three tips that you can use to help ease your transition after being discharged from the hospital in the future.

  • 3 Tips For New Asthma Patients

    If you have just been diagnosed with asthma, it can be scary. You may not know what will trigger an asthma attack, and dealing with feeling that you can't breathe can cause panic, which just makes the whole situation worse. However, there are tips that you can use when you are first working through your diagnosis. They can help you feel more in control of what's going on, which can help you keep your calm when you are having an asthma attack.

  • Four Changes to Make to Your Home When a Loved One Has Become Paralyzed from an Accident

    When a loved one has been involved in an accident that has left them paralyzed, it is important to determine what medical equipment will be needed to help your loved one have as fulfilling of a life as possible after the accident. It is best to work with a medical-equipment company to determine what supplies will be needed and have them installed before your loved one comes home. Below is a list of a few of the items that you may want to have installed in your home to create a comfortable living space for your loved one.

  • Is It Really Adult Acne, Or Do You Have Rosacea?

    Having pimples pop up on your face as an adult is incredibly frustrating. Weren't you supposed to get over this during your high school years? You might run out to the drugstore and invest in products designed to clear up your acne. However, there's a chance that what you're suffering from is not really adult acne, but rosacea. Since the two respond differently to treatments, it's important not to confuse them.

  • Three Signs of Head Lice and What You Can Do to Treat It

    Every parent shudders at the term head lice. In reality, lice infections are common, especially if you have children who attend school or events in close proximity to other kids. Learn how to recognize head lice so that you can begin treatment as soon as possible. When checking for head lice, it is important to check more than just the head. You should also examine the neck and ears for signs of an infestation.

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Aging Gracefully and with Great Health

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